Cruises dive South Red Sea

C La Vie Egypt are professionals in dive cruises . We organize dive safari (liveaboard dive trips) in Egypt all year round between Hurghada And Marsa Alam. High quality dive trip with an affordable price, the best selection of dive itineraries, comfortable liveaboards, safety of dives. Motivated dive-guides

Some Dive itineraries as Follows :

  • North, Brothers
  • Brothers, Daedalus, Elfinstone
  • Daedalus,Sataya "Hammerheads+Dolphins"
  • St Johns, Zabargad 
Southern Red Sea (BROTHERS - DAEDALUS - ELPHINSTONE(BDE)) from $ 949


  • 8 Days
  • Full board
  • Every Saturday & Thursday
  • Cruise Dive Luxury
Golden Triangle – Dive the Best Top 3 sites in this area: Big and Little Brothers, Daedalus Reef and Elphinstone. BDE starts from Hurghada or Marsa Ghaleb and includes two Marin parks of the Egyptian Red sea. This itinearary is open for advanced divers only why made not less than 50 logged dives and is charged by navigation hours. But here you see really golden dive sites of the Red sea. Brothers, Daedalus, Elfinstone is known as "Simply the best" or "Golden triangle of the Red sea". It includes Brother Islands, Daedalus reef and Elfinstone reef. Brothers and Daedalus are Egyptian Marine parks since 1998. Another name of this itinerary is "shark route". For advanced divers only who have made more than 50 dives in open water. Brothers Islands and Daudelus are achievable for divers only by liveaboard. The route includes three night transition (from Ghaleb to the Brothers - 6-8 hours from the Brothers to Daedalus about 6 hours and from Daudelus to Elphinstone - 8 hours).

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