City History
In the beginning of 1980 Hurghada start to be known for the tourist industry due to the natural condition as the fine beaches, coral reefs, colored fishes and the sunshine. The investors began their tourist projects in the area in building resorts and hotels, nowadays Hurghada has around 350 hotels and resort beside there are many Travel agents, Transportation Agent, Diving schools, Diving centers, Safari Agents.

City Travel Information
Hurghada city is far from Cairo by 6 hours driving and from Luxor by 4.5 hours driving. It is the biggest city on the red sea. Hurghada airport make it easy to travel to the city from worldwide and from Egyptian cites, there are many ways for travel from/to Hurghada from other cites in Egypt by flight with Egypt Air, ferry boat that sail between Hurghada and Sharm El Sheikh or the transportation companies in Hurghada that leave to Cairo, Luxor, Marsa Alam, Alexandria etc which make the city easy to reach from any where.
The Hurghada city is divided to three partitions, El Dahar area is the old area in Hurghada and it has the old market and Bazaars in Hurghada, the biggest Masjed in Hurghada and church.The second area called El Sakala and this one consist of many of Bazaars, Cafes, discus, Hurghada Marina, Hurghada port which ferry boats leave to Sharm El Sheikh and Saudi Arabia.The newest area is the Touristic Road that take place in front of the hotels, there are many Bazaars, cafes and discus a long the road. 

El Gouna 
El Gouna is a new city in the north of Hurghada by 25 Km it has around 18 hotels and many private villas, it has a private airport and Marina. El Gouna has many activates in the field of water sports, including scuba diving, windsurfing, kite surfing, waterskiing, parasailing and snorkeling. The three main areas in El Gouna that has housing shops, bars and restaurants: Downtown, Tamr Henna square and the Abu Tig Marina.

Giftun and Mahmya Islands
Hurghada has many islands far from its beach but there are two big island that are famous and you can do trips to them, Giftun and Mahmya Islands are the main diving and snorkeling sites to which daily boats take diving parties. The island has a beautiful sand reef, and garden of corals and exotic marine life. This trips for snorkeling including in their itinerary one hour relaxing in Giftun island.

Where to Go:
During your holiday in Hurghada there are many places your can go to discover the history of pharaohs, there are daily flights to/from Cairo that you can arrange your trip to visit the Great Giza Pyramids, old capital on Egypt Memphis area, Sakkara and first pyramid (Step pyramid), Dahshur, The Egyptian Museum, Islamic and Coptic sites in Cairo, Salah El din citadel, Mohammed Ali alabaster and many sites in Cairo and Giza. You can travel to Cairo by car as well the road takes around 6 hours by way.
Hurghada is opposite to the Nile valley on the red sea, so the way from Hurghada to Qena and Luxor is easy and the daily excursions to Luxor start in the morning from Hurghada at 05:00 AM to visit the sites in the west bank valley of the kings, valley of the Queens, Habu temple, Hatshepsut temple and the sites in the East Bank Karnak temple, Luxor temple, Luxor Museum, Mummification Museum.You can travel from Hurghada to Sharm El Sheikh, St. Catherine monastery and Moses Mountain by ferry boat or by flight it is too near rather than use the road.There are tour operators in Hurghada that operated charter tours to Petra in Jordan in a new way to add other cites to be visit during the holiday in Hurghada.

Things to Do:
Hurghada offers a Varity of activities that you can do in the sea or in the desert, the fantastic coral reefs in the sea make the snorkeling and diving is one of the main activities in Hurghada, there are daily trips by boat to do snorkeling and diving operated by diving centers in the hotels also you can do the Galss boat, this one is good for the kids as they can see the coral reefs without swimming or diving. During these trips they stop at Giftun Island one of the national park in Hurghada, other water sports take place in Hurghada as windsurfing, kitesurfing and waterskiing.
Sindbad Submarine is one of the fascinating trips in Hurghada, submarine sail every day two or three times to dive with 44 passengers for 20 meter under water to see the under water views and marina life of the red sea.
The Majestic desert of Hurghada is amazing like its beaches and coral reefs, those they love adventure prefer to do the trips to the desert and the mountains, the safari tour operators have a nice tours through the desert, you can do the Jeep 4*4 safari trip or Quad Bike desert tours, during the desert trips you will have the opportunity to ride the Camels and learn about the Bedouin people and their life. After you make your trip through the desert and mountain, you will be head to the most interest dinner you can do, the Bedouin Barbecue Dinner with Bedouin music and party.Also there is star gazing with powerful telescope for those who want to see the stars, as well morning Quad Bike for people who are interest to drive longer and explore the desert.

Traveling all year

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