Explore the Nile in felucca

A visit to Egypt wouldn’t be complete without a trip on the mighty Nile. There’s no better way to experience the sights and sounds along the riverbanks of Luxor and Aswan than setting sail on a traditional felucca. Enjoy the gentle breeze as your captain expertly navigates the rippling waters while the sun sets over this ancient landscape.

Set sail from Aswan onboard this traditional wooden boat with a rig consisting of one or two lateen sails. Enjoy the view as you drift towards Elephantine Island, home of the two Nilometers which historically measured the water levels. Just to the west is Kitchener’s Island. You’ll get a glimpse of the stunning array of plants in the Aswan Botanical Gardens. Learn how this island was bestowed to Lord Horatio Kitchener in the 1890s when he was commander of the Egyptian army. Indulging his passion for beautiful plants, he created the gardens you see today, also home to the Agha Khan Mausoleum.

A felucca tour from the banks of Luxor will take you a few kilometres upriver towards Banana Island and Crocodile Island. Your captain, dressed in traditional galabeya, will point out how little has changed along the river, known as the lifeblood of Egypt, since ancient times. Don’t forget your camera to capture timeless scenes of village life and the beauty of the pink-tinged mountains of the west bank reflected in the water.

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